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Let op! Investeren brengt een risico met zich mee. U kunt geld verliezen.


 Via Symbid you can easily find and get to know interesting start-ups and scale-ups out there. You can become a shareholder of these companies you believe in together with other investors. Invest and profit from their future success.

It takes a couple of minutes to create a Symbid account. You can easily find out the ins and outs of companies that are looking for investors. You can ask entrepreneurs questions yourself and can view the opinion of other (professional) investors.

You decide how much you are willing to invest, online via a proven Dutch legal structure.

As a shareholder a company keeps you up to date about their growth. Via updates in your personal dashboard on the Symbid website of gatherings companies organise.

More Information

At Symbid there are two ways to become a shareholder in a business.

Invest now and become a shareholder in a business.

Invest now in a business to convert your investment at a later stage into a share in this business with a discount, in comparison to other investors that step in during this later stage.

2 Types of Equity Funding


Convertible Bonds 

What Does Symbid do for You? 

The investment process is structured according to the Dutch legal system and we make sure that the information provided is checked.

1. Easy & Responsible

We arrange the entire settlement of the investment with all necessary legal documentation.

Transparent Businesses give an extensive description of their business plan, and as a shareholder, they will keep you up to date about their progress.

Transferring money with Symbid is completely safe, because all money is kept in a separate third-party (trust) account, which is supervised by AFM en DNB. Symbid operates on the basis of a license as an investment firm. As a result, our entire process is supervised by the AFM to ensure that Symbid complies as much as possible with the duty of care towards investors.

Full Service



Private investeerders

2. Quality Investment Opportunities
 & After Funding Services

Not all businesses make it to the Symbid platform. Symbid makes sure the information provided is complete and doesn’t contain false information. Still have questions? Via our platform you can ask easily ask questions to entrepreneurs for further clarification.

Once an entrepreneur applies for funding,Symbid does a first check on the available information of the investment opportunity.

Inspraak bij Structurering

After Funding Services

As an investor you stay up to date with the After funding services from Symbid. On a regular base you receive the progress of the business you have invested in. 

Co- Investeren

Only campaigns that are checked on completeness of the requested information make it to the platform. Based on the provided information, you can decide for yourselves whether you believe this investment opportunity has potential.


We check the entire pitch to make sure it is
clear, contains all the required information, and to see if the financial information is available.

Entrepreneurial Request

Campaign Live

Extensive Preparation

Investment Possibilities