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The best investment opportunities

Via Symbid partners, our investor network and startup networks, we receive many interesting investment opportunities.

Together with our network of professional investors, our experienced team screens the details.


Invest with professional investors

You can choose what you believe in and invest with professional investors.

Invest in your way

Take advantage of the success

"By becoming a shareholder, you can help startups grow sustainably."

Dick Zonneveld
Interim senior financial management

“Symbid offers me the chance to support innovations efficiently and become a shareholder of fast-growing companies."

Peter Brouwers
Founder Lead2Deal netwerk

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Pay attention! Investing entails a risk. You can lose money.

Diffferent investors invest together in startups and scaleups, each according to their needs. You can invest along in your way.

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Over 50,000 crowdfunders, ranging from inexperienced investors to medium experienced investors can invest easily.

Experienced Business Angels invest in exchange for a significant share and the wanted stake.
--> Interested in angel investing? See what Symbid Angel Investing can mean for you.

Funds and other institutional investors in the Symbid network invest in scaleups.


Companies financed


Private investors


Professional investors


Funding facilitated


Every company looking for financing goes through an extensive screening. We assess the business plan, finances, forecasts and the entrepreneur.

Symbid operates based on a license as an investment firm. As a result, our entire process is being supervised by the AFM to ensure that Symbid complies as much as possible with the duty of care towards investors.

If you invest, you become a shareholder immediately or you become a shareholder at a later date through a convertible bond.

In this way, you become part of the company in which you invest and you also enjoy future growth.

After you have invested, Symbid After funding tools will keep you informed of the progress of the company.

You gain insight into the financial progress of the company, read updates from the entrepreneur and you can easily ask the entrepreneur for an explanation

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